What is OmegaHRM Enterprise?

OmegaHRM Enterprise is a system that helps medium to large companies by building and enhancing technologies and services in human resources management and others, with a modern and active solution.

Why OmegaHRM Enterprise?


OmegaHRM enterprise allows you to customize it and extend it to serve your HR processes and needs easily.

Dedicated infrastructure

You get a dedicated infrastructure to withstand all your workloads with an annual 99.9% uptime guarantee.


OmegaHRM enterprise can be integrated with other systems, tier 2 & 3 ERPs, SSO, and many others.

0% Capex

OmegaHRM saves you from any capital expenditures with a simple and affordable pay as you go model.

Complete security

All infrastructures are built with complete security measures and DR solutions to protect all your data.

Premium support

OmegaHRM gives you a comprehensive support plan for all of your employees with optional trainig sessions.

OmegaHRM enterprise is available on